Elsewhere (2023)

“Elsewhere” is about the little things and moments that make us feel at home. Home is a personal thing, a feeling different for everyone. Sometimes home is a house, sometimes it is people or things. Elsewhere is about the feeling connected to a home. In “Elsewhere” Luna looks at her own feelings around home. For her home is not a place but a feeling inside, sometimes created by others, sometimes by the way the sun enters the room, but her final conclusion is that home is created within, by self-development and reflection, by experiencing and trying, by feeling and failing, by always being able to fall back into that little piece of home within herself. “Elsewhere” is a reflection of the small moments that Luna links to her own “home”.

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where else
where else can i belong
my home
my home where are you
what makes me feel
the feeling of home

home is feeling safe
home is feeling like yourself
home is not tiptoeing around
home is to make mistakes without judgement
home is freedom
home is soft and sweet and warm
home is calm
home is feeling everything but getting through it
home is trust
home is not always what is familiar to us but what’s better for us
home is growing
home is space for love and acceptation

I am not talking about a house
I am not talking about where you grew up perse
I am talking about all the little in between,
all the friendships and chosen family’s been made,
about your favorite colors surrounding you
I am talking about those little moments in life where you feel the most you

home is not where you’re from, where you live,
home is what you create.

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