"In search of" is about the search for yourself, the processing of emotions, experiences you've had, the people you've met, the places you've lived. it is a quest discovering who you are and why you have become this way. Who are we without those certain experiences? 
"In search of" for me is finding new ways to acceptance and learning to love yourself for where you are right now. 
In search of
in search of me
in search of a home
where do I belong?
It begins,
it begins with me,
I am born, laying in the water, like a fetus
I awake, not sure where to belong
I follow the sound, the sound that feels like home or so I think
I swim, and drown,
and go with it
and now I don’t care
And now I am walking through the water
away from where it began 
my body is heavy 
I got out, but I still carry you with me
without wanting 
without knowing 
with me unconsciously
letting go
and letting in
building a home
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